Monday, January 24, 2011

Healthy Weekend

Hey I'm back! HAHA! Finally I get to post on my blog after my busy weekend. Oh by the way, it's not a MEME. :P hehe...

Yet it is our new hobby. Yep! Deej, Ced and I decided to make our weekends a healthy habit to enjoy and stay fit. We plan on playing some sports games and jogging every Saturday while we rest on Sunday. It is a good way to stay fit, keep yourself healthy and bond with friends.

We brought along with us our badminton rackets but since we lack clothing apparels ( :P HAHA! ), we just decided to walk around the city. HAHAHA! Though we jog whenever we had the chance. :) We played badminton, roamed the malls, looked for books and watched the movie. It was so satisfying because not even a second was wasted even our conversations and stories. :) We had fun and laughed all day specially when we've thought of our friends and how they would envy our fun and healthy expedition. I know that by posting our pictures in Facebook, they would love to come along. ;) hihi...

 Whacky picture at the Open Air Auditorium :D

Deej with Lapu-Lapu

Got this pic by myself with the timer :P HAHAHA!
Oh! I caught Ced at the right side! :P HAHA!

I was aiming for the light post :P HAHA! Kiddin'...

This fountain attraction lights up and dances to the music at night.

What a weekend, huh? I still have a lot of stories because I had a lot of activities from my weekend. I will be posting our badminton game video on my other blog, V-Log. Do check it out. Hope you watch out for those stories and you enjoyed you're weekend as well. ;)

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  1. Waaah! I love the pics! :D Such a fun Day! I personally love the pic with Machete. LOL!

  2. You seem to have a lot of fun there.
    I have an award for you:

  3. you guys are real buddies no? btw, i have an award for you also waiting to accept visit my blog thanks.

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