Friday, February 18, 2011

Comedy Friday

My entry for this Meme is about my experience last week. I was suppose to post this last week but unfortunately, I forgot to post it. :P hehe... It's just a short one but funny. :)

It happened around noon. After eating lunch, we went to a convenient store to buy some snack and drinks for our next subject. Our class will be for 4 hours straight that's why our professor cuts our class and gives us some minutes for our break. One of my classmate bought a drink while I bought an ice cream on a cone. It was so hot that's why I craved for it. :P hehehe... After paying for it, we head straight back to school. We went out of the store but I can't get out of the shade of the store because of the heat. I was eating my ice cream when one of my classmate suddenly pushed me to walk. I was surprised. My nose dipped of my ice cream! I was so shocked that I slapped my friend in her arms. HAHAHA! A friendly slap though. :D hehe... I feel so embarrassed because there are a lot of jeepneys and people in canteens around the store. HAHAHA! Yet after a while, I took as a joke, I laughed at it and at myself as well. :D

How about you? Did you have any embarrassing yet funny experience? :)

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  1. I wonder who that friend was. :D

  2. LOL! My regular companion. HAHAHA!

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