Monday, February 7, 2011

Star City

Last Saturday, my friends and I went to Star City. Among them are fellow bloggers, Deej and Cedrick. We got in at a low rate with the promo coupon given by the girlfriend of our friend. We got 50% off on the Ride-All-You-Can rate for only P175, originally P350. Yeah! 

We were all so excited. Actually, I was surprised to see myself excited as well, 'cause I don't expect that I can overcome the extreme rides they have there. I'm afraid of those. :P HAHAHA! But because of the anxious aura of my friends, I gained enough courage to ride 'em. :D

 Our 1st ride :D hehe..
I'd like to acknowledge KC, the girl in the white shirt, for our promo coupons. :) Thanks!

I was wearing a beret since I know that Deej will wear his beanie as well. :) And hey! It's Star City! It's an amusement park so I know that it's the right place to wear it and everybody's wearing headgears and hats without hesitation that people will see you as over dressed. :D HAHAHA!

Stolen Candid of friends gazing at Star Flyer

We rode the Zyklon Loop, Surf Dance, Blizzard and a few more but we didn't get the chance to experience Star Flyer because of the very long line of people. :( We entered almost all of the booth/tunnels after every extreme ride we had. :D hehe...

Kids riding the Carousel :P HAHAHA!

We rode the Carousel last to relax and be satisfied before going home. I claimed that my day in an amusement park won't be complete without riding the Carousel. :P HAHAHA! Luckily, my friends were so game to join me. :)

Class picture :D HAHAHA!

Of course we want a picture with the name of the park in it, right? :D hehehe... Deej posted our fave pics so I posted my 2nd faves. :D hehe... 

Well, you can see that we enjoyed it much, right? :) That's why the 3 of us planned of going to Enchanted Kingdom for our next amusement park escapade. Hopefully it will push through if our schedule permits us, specially our pockets. :P HAHAHA! 

Happy Love Month Everybody! :)

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