Thursday, March 3, 2011

I Am Number Four Movie Review

I just finished watching the movie, I Am Number Four, and I was so fascinated! I've heard that it was good from my friend, Deej of Deej Speaks. He told me just a few parts of the summary of the story which made me curious and excited to see the movie or read its book. But since I'm a multimedia junkie, I've decided to watch it instead. I've expected it to be like Percy Jackson which had a lot of visual effects and a good story.

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The movie was great! It's a full package! It's got action, suspense and romance. Though I know it's got some action stuff in it, I've never thought that it will blow me away. HAHAHA! I haven't seen it's trailer yet that's why I was surprised with the fight scenes. So maybe that's why I said that it blew me away. :P HAHAHA! I also liked the effects. I would surely love to have instant flashlights in my palms. :P HAHAHA! I also liked the way they die. HAHA! Curious? Then WATCH IT! HAHA! 

I actually liked it more than Percy Jackson and Harry Potter because of the action in it which was so cool for me. Though I always get bored with the first part of most movies, I know I still need to watch it to get the origin of the story, right? :P HAHA! But because of the mission they ought to do, I'm excited to see the next part of it. :) Don't wanna spoil it that's why I generalized the underlined sentence. :P hehe... 

I wonder how the story goes in the book... Hmm........

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  1. Give me 2 or 3 more weeks and you'll see this movie on my blog. :D

    Thanks for the link love. :) Will do the same.

  2. link pls for dvdrip. many thanks again.

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