Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Juan For All, All For Juan In Our Neighboorhood

As promised from yesterday's post, here it is!

 It was taken during the game. I can't get a clear shot because there were so many people.

Eat Bulaga's Juan For All, All For Juan Gang was here yesterday. Our barangay along with 2 others were chosen for yesterday's show. Their crew and utility men arrived here around 9 in the morning then started setting up the street. It was just around the corner which was a block away from our house.

Ops! Pause...
It was actually announced last Saturday that they are going to invade us on Monday. Then, later that afternoon, we received an entry form which I filled up because my parent's phone has a faulty battery. After filling it up, my dad gave submitted the entry together with 3 empty plastic bottles. They also said that they will be calling out for females and the sponsor item for that day was Tiger, the energy biscuit. RAWR! LOL! :P

So going back yesterday, I woke up around 9 and was still weak because I haven't slept much. Maybe due to my excitement. :P HAHAHA! But I was working on some stuff as well that's why I slept at 7 in the morning. How's a 2-hour sleep, eh? HAHA! Moving on... I ate my breakfast and watched basketball. Oh , c'mon! It was the NBA Finals baby! HAHA! Sadly, my Heat lost. :( It was 10am (I think) when I started hearing people singing for the audition of the Videoke singing contest that always opens the show. I have classes at 3 in the afternoon but I want to participate in the Juan For All game that's why I took a bath early and dressed up for school. I even wore my ID! HAHA! At 11:30, I went to the store to load up my phone. On my way there, I already saw the posters and banners of the Eat Bulaga. On my way back, just 3 steps away from the corner of the venue, I heard people screaming. I stopped, looked back and saw Jose Manalo, Wally Bayola, Paolo Balesteros and the Sugod Bahay Gang boys. I was starstruck! Paolo was so cute! WAHAHA! After they passed me, I carried on walking home.We just waited for the show to start but I told my mom that I'll be going there for a few minutes to take some pictures. So when it started, I grabbed my cam then went there. There were a lot of people and I don't want to budge in so I just raised my cam and click 2 shots. Here is one.

My mom already prepared the possible things that they will be looking for. Our family is a fan of Eat Bulaga that's why we were a somewhat familiar with the things they require during the game. When the Juan For All, All For Juan portion was on, my dad went out to get some pictures for me because it was hot and it is alright for him to dodge with a lot people since he's a man. He also knows it was for my blog that's why he did it. :D hihi... Here are some of them.

Thanks Dad! :)

On the to the house of the winner

When they finished on the house of the winner they picked, the started the game. They required females and the Tiger biscuit. Together with it is... a cooked meal! I hurriedly grabbed our plastic bottles, the biscuit while my mom got the meal and handed it to me. I ran through the heat of the sun! Whew! It was so near but when I got there the line was already full! Plus, there were a lot of people running that my feet got stepped on a lot of times! Oh man! I still have my hopes so I pushed through then I saw some guys on the line! What the! Hey that's cheating! Then I heard some people talking that some of the people there don't belong to the 3 barangays. *Sigh* Whenever there's money involved, it's always a familiar scene. Good thing there are some security personnel regulating the line. They ordered the guys to give way for the female contestants. I circled around to get my chance on the line after eliminating the guys. I was aiming for a number. It was number 1, the last in that area and closest to me. Sadly, I can't get through because there are still other people running to step on the numbers. When I got there, someone was standing! :( But hey! I knew her! She was a middle aged neighbor from another barangay that was not chosen for the show! Grrr! But I can't tell her that because that will be rude, right? :P hehe... I just thought that she'll think otherwise since she's from another barangay. I've just decided to wait. BUT! That instance, I just looked the other way and when I looked at her again, it was another person! OH COME ON! Maybe she was helping someone to get in that's why she filled it up first. :( I was really down that moment. Then, when Vic Sotto finally picked a number, that number was called! Number 1 was one of the winners! The very number that I was supposed to step on! It was really saddening and disappointing. :( huhuhu... The prize was Php10,000 or approx of $236 plus some free sponsor gifts! Well, big enough to fill some household commodities and financial lacks, right? Look here below.

The winner is in red and the girl beside her in grey
 Can you see how close I am to them? Which means I'm just beside the winner.

 I was so close that the cameramen were just in front of me. :D hehehe 

Kidney Care, the other sponsor giveaway

I know I can't do anything about it. I tried my best. Though I want to win even the consolation prize, I don't want to dodge that much and hurt myself. I don't want to go gaga and be fierce over money. I just want to experience the thrill and excitement of the game yet still hoping for a chance to win. Thinking it over, I just thought that if it's not meant to be then it's not.Maybe God has set plans for me to win on some other contest instead. And today, he did! For the first time since I joined raffle contests in blogging, I won the Adgitize Blog Contest. Earlier I received an email from Mr. Ken Brown that I won the contest so I checked the website forum and there he announced my victory. The prize was a free 1 month ad. :D Cool, isn't it? I feel relieved having won this contest. It's pretty much of a good karma for me I guess. Just the thought of not doing bad over money is perhaps the reason for this. God really is good. Agree? :) 

Anyway, it was a very good experience for me that I will remember as a fan of Eat Bulaga. :)

PS. I told you this would be long. :P hehe...

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  1. Wow, naman saya kaharap ang mga star ng eat bulaga nood din ako nito eh all for juan nilang segment natutuwa ako kila jose everytime andon sila sa bahay non nannalo .. Sayang hindi m nakuha yon 10T pero di bale meron ibang para sayo :)

  2. Nakakatawa sila eh noh? HAHA! Aun, di ko nga nakuha ung 10K, nanalo naman ako 1 month free ad sa Adgitize. :D hehehe...

  3. Mama Mia says:

    Sayang naman sobra! You should have told that lady neighbor of yours that she isn't supposed to be there kasi she's from another barangay. Or you should have told the security guys about it. Aaargh, sayang!

    My whole household watches Eat Bulaga...everyday! Dabarkads din kami! :D

    Be well!

  4. Anonymous says:

    may nakaka kilala ba dun sa bouncer/security sa fourth and fifth pictures, ung naka light blue na polo shirt.

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