Monday, June 20, 2011

Lazy Cold Holiday

Today indeed is a cold day due to the rainy weather and I've been lazy all day. I was just watching TV and surfing the net. :P hehe... But classes will resume tomorrow so I have to fix my things and prepare my sandals in case I ran into any rain. I just finished washing my other sneakers that I've left in the shoe rack last summer. It was filthy! :P HAHA! It was a lazy day alright but I know I have to do it or else I might forget it again and again. hehe...

It was announced that today will be a holiday in honor of the birthday of our national hero, Jose Rizal, though his real birthday was yesterday. It's a good thing though because a lot of the streets were flooded and it has been raining all day. I believe that it will be hard for the students, specially in the elementary level, to go to school and home as well. I just feel sad for those kids that I see walking against the rain. What's more sad is that some kids don't have their parents to pick them up. :( 

Well, it's a relief that the storm Egay is going out of the country. But the bad news is, PAGASA announced that there might be another storm coming in! *Sigh* I guess that's the consequence of a country like ours, eh? hehe... We just need to be ready and alert at all times, and pray that we will surpass these calamities safely. :)

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  1. I love the title. It's so foreign! :) See you tomorrow!

  2. reese says:

    hello! lazy cold holiday talaga kahapon...but i love the weather, masarap matulog ha, ha!
    i read your name sa adgitize, ikaw pala ang winner sa contest nila! congrats...

  3. @ Deej - HAHA! Really? Thanks. :D hehe..

    @ reese - Oo, ang lamig eh noh? hehe..
    Yup, ako ung nanalo. Thanks. hehe..

  4. Dhemz says:

    not really fond of rainy days...ehehhee....I hate to get wet lalo na pag ulan....thanks for dropping by...great to be here!

  5. Sa amin naman super init .. I saw in Manila kanina super rain talaga. Anyway, about your question nahilo rin ako hehhe, jk. You have to say something to cellnique FB Wall na you came there because of lipgloss ... blog then you can ask some question also regarding their products or something you want to get about beauty advice. The about the prize ata eh kung ikaw yon winner eh pwedeng yon gusto mo prize kasi dba magcocomment kung ano gusto mo product ng cellnique.

  6. I forgot baka gusto mo mag join dito

    Follow mo lng sya sa GFC automatic kasali kna sa raffle. Then please write in your comment REFERRED by Mona. Thanks.

  7. @ Dhemz - I also don't like it. Di makaalis ng bahay. Masarap lang pag magpapahinga kasi malamig. hehe..

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