Thursday, July 21, 2011

Angry Birds Craze

My mom is slowly getting hooked with Angry Birds. Previously, she would just watch me play it. But one day, she told me that she wants to try it. And since she already saw me played it, she easily learned the game though a little sketchy with the angles. hehe... Then, earlier this night, I told my mom that I'd like to download some ringtones of Angry Birds because I heard one from my classmate the other day. She got excited then watched me look for some ringtone. After downloading, she eagerly asked me that I put it on her phone. She was excited enough to forgot that the ringtone won't be accessed because the phone is still connected to the computer. I placed it in the memory card that's why. LOL! She immediately played it and assigned it as her ringtone. And of course, I would like to have it on my phone as well which I did after. 

I'm not very addicted to it but it's really cute. I've seen a lot of Angry Birds merchandises sold everywhere starting from keychains to plush toys to shirts, etc. They are very cute but I guess I contented enough with the game and my new ringtones. :) 

* Though I think I would consider the keychains. LOL

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