Thursday, July 14, 2011

Eating Problems Lately

For the past few weeks, my eating timeline was disrupted. I've been eating dinner around 10 in the evening and lunch at around 2-4 in the afternoon, if I'm busy at school. Sometimes I eat breakfast then skip lunch. What's worse is that sometimes I don't eat breakfast and lunch anymore, just dinner or some snack. And if I get some chance to eat, I eat so much. It's just that I eat a lot of snack instead of rice meals. Ugh! I don't know what's been happening with me lately. This is becoming alarming for me. I'm getting worried because I often feel heavy and uneasy just like today.

We were at DLSU Library yesterday to do some research then we head straight to my groupmate's house to work on our thesis chapter 1 and 2 which will be passed tomorrow. We arrived there at 1pm. It was so cold at the library but the weather outside was so hot. Not to mention the weak air conditioning of the FX we rode. :P LOL! We were there until 7pm. We stayed up all night working on it. I felt dizzy and my head aches so much that it I can't concentrate enough, but I need to ignore it to continue what I was doing. I was so busy with it that I forgot to blog! That's why I skipped yesterday. HAHA! I had lunch at 4pm, dinner at 9pm and snacks all night. So tell me how disrupted that was, eh? HAHA!

Since I did a lot at the library yesterday, I asked them if I could sleep and they agreed. We were 4 in the group but the 2 of our members didn't do much at DLSU. HAHA! I woke up at 12noon and we only ate pancit canton then we head straight to SM to pick up our ordered t-shirts. Maybe I'll blog about that another time. hehe... After that, we went to school and there we ate some of the snacks we brought that we didn't eat last night. I felt so full with just junk food in my tummy! I went to the derma clinic for my appointment then home after that. When I got home, I ate a lot! Aside from my dinner, I also ate siopao. OMG! I can't believe how those foods fit my tummy. It felt so big like it's gonna explode! LOL!

Anyway, my main concern here is that I don't know why I'm having this feeling in my stomach. Or maybe I know it but I just need a second opinion. hehe... It feels like it's big and full of air. Maybe dyspepsia? HAHA! But not just that, it felt like it's swollen and I felt a little pain. It hurts like the pain you can feel from muscle pain. My only conclusion is that it's because of stress, and my lack of rest and sleep. And maybe it's because of my disrupted eating time. Ugh! This is such an annoying feeling. It limits my mood and energy. It makes me just wanna lie down and stop me from doing anything. I come up with this conclusions because it happened to me before a few times but I'm still not sure specially for a person like me who doesn't like consulting a doctor much. Oh well... Maybe I'll just give it a rest. But the following days would be busy for me. WAAAHH!! I just hope to be in a better shape soon. huhu...

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