Thursday, July 7, 2011

My New Baby

I was at school yesterday when my mom texted me that they received a notice from the Manila Central Post Office. They knew that it was the parcel that I've been waiting for because I told them that I bought a toy camera in the internet. This was the same camera from the post that I saw from newbie photographer. I'm so excited to pick it up. Before going to school this afternoon, I went to the post office first to claim it. Deej told me that I shouldn't tell them that it is a digital camera but instead a keychain camera. He warned me that they'll open the parcel, inspect it and I'll pay big if they knew that it's an electronic gadget because they've experienced it with their PSP package. And so I did. The officer at the claiming window asked me what it is. I told her that it's a keychain. She asked why does the item label says "camera" on it. I said that the keychain is a small camera. I even laid out the size with my hands. LOL! She didn't open it anymore and I just paid for it then rush to the school. When I arrived at school I immediately opened and took a picture of it. LOL! Good thing we had no class that time because it was a conference for the candidates of our student council. :) Oh so lucky! HAHA! 

 Yup, that's a Dinosaur. And it's a freebie. :D hehe

This shot was taken by my new baby. :) hihi...

When I got home, my mom excitedly asked where the camera is. I just smiled at her and waved my body to the sides because I'm wearing it on my ID lace. HAHA! :D All of them here at home where thrilled to see it. Now I can take pictures anywhere and anytime without bringing a standard digital camera because I won't be worried to have it stolen. It won't be mistaken for something precious. :D hehe... It's perfect for my everyday picture adventures. HAHA!

* I love linklove, eh? :D hehe

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  1. reese says:

    inggit naman ako sa camera mo...ganda and handy

  2. sir rob says:

    I need to get one like this. So where should I get one? This is pretty interesting.

  3. verabear says:

    Congratulations! Thanks for linking as well :) You just reminded me to keep using my Greenie again ;)

    Vera - the Newbie Photographer

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