Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Reward For Wanted Animal Crush Video Suspects

PETA has announced that they are willing to give a hundred thousand pesos (Php100,000 or approx. $2,300+) as reward in exchange of useful information or whereabouts of the suspects of the animal crush videos tipped by a Russian who pretended to be a customer. The Russian was given a link in order to watch the videos. There they found 68 more videos of animals who where crushed to death by minors. But not only that, these minors were only in their lingerie while doing this demonic act and they are also accepting request which animals to be killed according to the desires of their customers. However, investigators reported that the site is no longer available.

As soon as I've watched this in the news, my heart shattered to pieces. The videos in the news were blurred but you will still feel sympathy for the animals being killed in the videos. I don't want to detail the videos anymore because it breaks my heart just by typing this post. Plus, they're Filipinos as well! I despise Filipinos who do no good to their fellow citizen and even animals! Oh those no good human beings! They are more of an animal than the animals they kill! They are so filthy! I just wish karma gets them! Animals are living organisms as well and they deserve to be treated well and fair.

PETA has exposed these sadistic suspects namely Dorma "Chita" Ridon and Victor Ridon. They are a couple who are partners in crime. For any information about the whereabouts of this filthy people, kindly call or text PETA at 0999-8887382. 

* Forgive me with my words but since this is a rant, I am using my privilege of throwing my anger using my harsh words in this post. Not to mention the filthy business they operate.

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  1. William says:

    Words are not enough to describe the feelings that filled my mind and whole being as I watched the TV newscast about this despicable cruelty to animals. Perchance, a combination of HORROR, DISGUST and ANGER may serve what I felt then. PETA must enlist the support of all law enforcement agencies and the citizenry to find these culprits and bring them to justice.

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