Thursday, August 11, 2011

Nuffnang, Cowboys and Pizzas

It was one hot and fun-filled night thanks to Nuffnang and Pizzahut.Deej and I won 2 tickets for a free movie screening of Cowboys and Aliens last night at Gateway. Deej and I convinced one of our classmates to come but unfortunately she got sick yesterday while I tagged my mom along with me.

I woke up late so we met with Deej at Isetann around 6pm. We took the LRT2 because its the fastest way to get there. While I was in line to buy our train cards, I saw a Coke's booth full of people. Many people were going to and fro the booth and as they go, they have with them a can of Coke Zero. So, after buying the cards, I told my mom and Deej to come with me and check it out. And guess what? They're giving away those Coke Zero cans for free! Whoa! At this point, I feel like it will be a night full of freebies, not to mention our free movie. Yey!

At last, we arrived at Gateway after approximately 30 minutes. There were already a lot of bloggers and they were eating. There was a cater from Pizzahut Bistro that served Mozzarella sticks, Fries, Chicken Fillet and Iced Tea but the sauces were out. Well maybe that's what you get when you're late. Oh, bother! And hey! There's no pizza?! Sadly, there was no pizza served but the cater was great. Oh! Unfortunately, my Clover cam is not at it's perfect performance that time that's why I only had a few pictures and my digital camera has no battery. *Sigh!*

Taken from my Clover cam and edited the contrast and brightness.

We just took a few pictures then we fell in line. As the line walks towards the theater, there were Pizzahut riders protesting against late and cold delivered pizzas. LOL! We can actually hear them while we were still eating that's why we were surprised, amazed and giggling when we finally knew what it was all about. HAHAHA! Well I have to say that they got everybody's attention and they did it well. LOL. Each of us were also given a Pizzahut Hot Dot sticker, free popcorn and bottled water but still no pizza. LOL.


Inside the theater, they had some introductions and speeches like the ones before but this one was off the hook. There was a surprise special performance by the Pizzahut riders, the ones protesting outside. LOL. They got inside the theater and dance for all of us. It was so much fun! Who could imagine they've got skills? HAHA! The theater was full of laughs and applauses from the speeches to the performance. After their performance, we get to experience the new Hot Dot sticker from Pizzahut which tells you if the delivered pizza is still hot or not by amazingly revealing the HOT word on the sticker. Unbelievable? Well watch this. This video was taken from my phone wherein the Hot Dot sticker changed from black to HOT. HAHA! Anyway, sorry for the low quality. The audio has a bad quality that's irritating to the ears so I think it's best if you just turn it off. hehe...

That's a lot of stickers, eh? haha...

Aside from the sticker given upon entering the theater, we were also given brochures with discount coupons.
Sticker galore. LOL.

And guess what? After that, they gave us the pizza! Yey! We got a whole box! LOL! The 3 of us shared it but one of the guests along our seat was a little late and asked her friends how they got the pizza. We shared her our pizza which she was thankful. :) You've got to share your blessings, right? After all, we have a box. hehe... A few more words from Pizzahut's superiors then the show started.

No more details about the movie. Maybe I'll share it with my movie review. You know I'm not a spoiler, right? :D teehee... All I can say is that the movie was great. It was unexpectedly good because I personally don't have any intentions of watching it. I'm just after the new experience that Nuffnang will bring me with this event. hehe... But all in all, it was another satisfying night brought to us by Nuffnang. :) 'Til the next event! *wink!*

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  1. reese says:


  2. Galing .. swerte mo sa nuffnang you always get something =)

  3. verabear says:

    I never get anything from Nuffnang, huli ako sa balita lagi. hahaha. Sayang ang lapit ko pa naman sa gateway.

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