Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Skin Concerns

This was the continuation of my post yesterday. :)

While I was lying and playing on my phone, the dermatologist in the clinic arrived. It was my first time seeing her. She was young and beautiful. Well, what do you expect from a derma clinic, right? That's what I call convincing. HAHA! While I was waiting for my Diamond Peel, she asked me if I have any questions and concerns with my skin or any treatment. She was nice to ask me that though I have no questions so far but I asked her if there is a fee for consultations. And guess what? It's free! It's free specially if you're a customer. I was so delighted. Actually, the time she asked me that, my concerns were already answered by the attendants so no worries.

During my Diamond peel, everytime a procedure will begin, my attendant would tell me what she will be doing so when she told me that she will start my laser to close my pores, I asked her why she was putting some gel on my face. She told me that it was for the laser so I won't get hurt. I was surprised and told her that my old derma clinic doesn't do that and I can feel the laser pinching my face. She told me that using laser without the gel is useless and warned me that it's dangerous, also that it will really pinch without the cream. I was shocked and it made me feel like I don't want to come back there anymore. By that time, I remembered that a gel is always applied to a pregnant women if she wants to have her ultrasound. And that convinced me. I'm never coming back there! Plus, it makes me look swollen after my facial from my previous clinic. I feel like my face was bulgy and it usually last up to 3 days. This sometimes made me feel ashamed and don't wanna go walking around or going to school. :( Their customer service was degrading from my previous experience with them. I feel like they sometimes take their customers for granted specially for me who is just a student. I often experienced my reservation gone to waste and they made me wait for hours! I pay them good money and I am a customer so I think they should also consider me. I don't demand that they prioritize me but I would like them to respect me and my time.

My previous clinic also gives me good result with their facial but I think I like Dermaesthetique more. Although both facial from clinics result almost the same, I would really consider my safety first and which clinic gives more good service. That's why I'm never coming back to my previous clinic. It feels good to finally replace them. :)

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