Saturday, September 24, 2011

Just Before Classes Start

We enrolled yesterday so all we have to do is wait for classes to start which will start this Monday. LOL. Fast, isn't it? Well for your info, I am studying at a trimestral school. My regular readers already know it. :) Raise your hand if you're one of them. LOL! Usually, students taking their thesis have shorter vacation or term breaks than those who do not because of the defense schedules and some extensions.

Yesterday, my friend and I decided to go out because her parents don't know that she has no classes anymore. HAHA! I agreed but I was in a hurry that time so we had no time to talk about where we will go. She didn't text me either. I just assured myself that we will go out. haha... 

This afternoon, she dropped by here and waited as I fix myself, then we left. We still didn't know where we were going until we rode the jeep. haha... While at the jeep, we talked where to go and got some pictures. We were the only passengers. haha... We decided to go to Fort Santiago and feel like tourists in our own country. For me, it's one way to enjoy and appreciate your own country, culture and history. Lucky for us I brought my camera. *wink* 

We only paid Php50 (approx. $1.14) at the entrance for students who will present their valid ID. We took some pictures and walked around. We saw there the works of our National Hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. We were so amazed at his works. We didn't just gazed, we stared! We were so impressed at his hand writing! He has a very beautiful cursive hand writing. HAHAHA! We actually envy it specially knowing that they only use plumes and ink back then. No pencils and pens! HAHA! I also took some pictures of his work but since camera flashes were not allowed inside the hall, the picture were kinda dark. I won't change the brightness of the pictures. I'll just share a few pictures that I think will tell you a bit of our mini trip there. :)

Tourists. Local and foreign. :)
Towards the Museum Hall. Peace! :D hehe

My friend on Rizal's footsteps. LOL

Upon entering

I don't think this needs a caption. HAHA!

This one too.

The lamp :D

After that, we ate then lied down at the walls of Intramuros. We chat, shared stories and problems. We left when the guard started roaming around telling all the people there that the time is up for the visitors of the historical landmark. They usually close, or maybe I might say that they do not allow visitors anymore when the clock hits 6:30 in the evening. Besides, it's already dark that's why we left as well specially that it's already winter solstice. :) The air was already cold. bbrrr! haha... It was also more peaceful and quiet up there. It's like you're not in a city or a province in a city. I enjoyed it though we only have a few peso in our pockets. HAHA! It was cheap but it was definitely worth it. :)

How about you? Any historical trips to share? :)

- I'm feeling sleepy with my eyes barely open as I type this down. LOL!
- I didn't put some of my good pictures here. I think I'll post it on my photo blog which I was fixing earlier and launching soon. :)

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  1. Too bad I was not there. I am going to need that for my Rizal class this term. haha

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