Friday, September 2, 2011

Off-season Vacation

I know this is not the right time to be on a vacation specially with the rainy weather these days but I did it on impulse. LOL! This is the continuation of my post yesterday. :)

Yesterday, my friends and I went to Bulacan to relax and unwind. I always mention that our thesis is really stressful, right? But before that, we worked on our thesis first the whole night. The next day, we met with our friend and went to their house in Bulacan. On our way there, we always gaze at some of the beautiful and big houses, and joked that it was the house of a Mayor or a high government official. LOL. It was a long trip but when we were getting near, we joked that it was our classmate's house and just laugh it away. Our classmate just smiles at us. :)

We alighted the bus and waited for his parents to pick us up. Luckily for them, they have a photographer wannabe. So while waiting for them, we took some photos along the road. :)

Finally, they arrived. We had a few stopover which we always thought that it was there house not knowing that they were just buying some food and merchandise. And because of that, we always ask and joke if we're there already. Then one time, we slowed down and stopped at a villa mansion. We joked that it was a Mayor's house, AGAIN! HAHAHAHAHA!! Our classmate stepped out and approached the gate. He opened it then rode again. We were surprised at what he did while he remained silent and steady. We drove right into the villa! We were shocked! It was no joke! HAHA! It really was their house. Take a look below.

Can I hear a "WOW!"? HAHA!

It was lunchtime when we arrived so we ate tinola for lunch in their hut at the backyard. Funny but for me, any food cooked in the province even if it's a familiar food tastes much better than in the city. HAHA! I really enjoyed it and I felt like I ate a lot. LOL. We chat and took photos but with Deej's phone because my battery was down that time. After that, we showered and played in the rain. It was literally a wet afternoon. HAHA!

 I called this the post card picture. LOL

The house was up the hill. We went down to get these pictures. The land property at the back is still owned by them. haha... Big, isn't it? We always see him as a jolly, funny guy who's always full of jokes yet stubborn and lazy sometimes. That's why it was shocking for us to know about their hidden asset. He was also silent about this and doesn't flaunt it. He just keeps on smiling whenever we call him haciendero. HAHA! Because of that, we secretly admired his humbleness. I even tagged him as one of the MOST humble people I've met. hehe...
The last trip was at 4:30 in the afternoon and since we have classes the next day (today), we can't stay for the night. *Sad* That's the sad part when you were enjoying yourselves and wished that you could stay longer...but you can't. The parents of our classmate invited us to come back and hoped that we could stay there for at least a night because they feel lonely there. We fixed ourselves and got ready for the journey back home. It was tiring yet overwhelming. We achieved what we aim for. We enjoyed, relaxed and had fun. 

Today, I feel ready and pumped up to work on our thesis. Although at first, I've thought of strictly focusing on our thesis before going on any vacation, it really helped a lot that we took a time off while working on it. Now, I just pray that we finish it on time and pass our defense. :)
P.S. Thank you readers for your good luck comments. I really appreciate it. :)

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  1. reese says:

    what a nice way to unwind...sarap maligo sa ulan hahaha

  2. @ Reese - True! Ang saya nga eh. hehe..

  3. teecup says:

    The mayor's house looks like a mansion or some really nice home in a foreign neighborhood. Cool.

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