Thursday, September 29, 2011

SM Promo Movie

Today was my first day for the 2nd term in school. I only have 1 class every week which is my thesis B. Cool, eh? hehe... Along with two friends, Deej and Janice, we went to SM Manila to watch the promo movie Saw: The Final Chapter. We checked the website first for available movies before venturing there. hehe... 
When we got there, we were surprised with the long line at the entrance. Remember the 2 consecutive incidents that occurred within the vicinity of SM malls? The security was very strict. We didn't wonder why but it was really overwhelming. It looks like a line from a blockbuster movie. LOL. I even joked that once we get in, we should never get out unless were sure so we won't suffer the long line again. hahaha! 

We immediately went to the cinema to look at the schedules. The movie's already starting when we got in and it was already dark. We saw 3 vacant seats but 1 had a bag on it. I asked the couple beside if we could sit there but they just ignored us. I thought they didn't hear me so I raised my voice a little and gestured a little too pointing my cellphone flashlight at them. LOL. Turn's out that they were foreigners. Koreans, maybe. I just whispered back at my friends that maybe they didn't understand me because I talked to them in Filipino. LOL!

Anyway, we enjoyed the movie but I have to admit we were pretty scared and disgusted even though we know that the killings in the movie were not real. HAHAHA! And Chester Bennington of Linkin Park was there in the movie! <3 :) HAHA! The puzzles in the movie were clever as well. It was my first time watching the movie because I always hesitate it knowing that it's disgusting. hahaha! 
On our way home, Janice and I were walking along Recto because there were almost no jeeps for our route home. We walked countering the jeep route. While walking, I saw a not-so crumpled 100-peso bill. At first I was hesitant thinking that it could just be play money. I walked a few steps past it but my friend told me to hurry and pick it up. I stepped on it and pulled it over to me. HAHA! I hurriedly picked it up then we scram! HAHAHA! I felt the paper and checked if it's real. And guess what? IT WAS REAL! Wuhoo~!! It's a blessing. I whispered immediately, thanking God for the unexpected gift. In return, I paid my friend's jeep fare home. hehe... It's really wonderful to receive blessings and gifts when you least expect them. Ayt? *wink*

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