Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Canon Pixma Printer Product Launch

I got an exclusive invite last week from Nuffnang for Canon's PIXMA Printer Product Launch which was held last night at SM North Edsa Annex Cyber Zone Event Area. The sad part of this event was that I arrived late. :( But I still got a chance to join the raffle when I filled up a small entry form upon signing up at the receiving table with the Nuffnang Nuffees. :) I was also given a name tag and 2 stubs for the meal and drink. And boy, was the food good! Haha! Thanks to Las Paellas Cafe! :) I was a little nervous and shy that time because I was all alone and I don't know the bloggers there. Also, given that I was late, there was an on-going game when I arrived so I timidly took pleasure of the food at the cater and ate at the standing tables at the back. hihi... But still, I tried to enjoy the event by myself because it was an exclusive opportunity. :) hihi... Oh by the way! Here's a snapshot of the food on my plate. :D hihi...

Yummy! :)

While I was eating, the game amused me. It was a "Scan and Print" game where 3 groups with 2 members each competed. The grand prize were printers and watches while the consolations prizes where just the watches. Oh man! How I wished I arrived early! HAHA! After that the Canon PIXMA Ambassadors- Jon Avila, Per-Andre Hoffmann and Mariano "Jun" Miranda, where called on stage to talk about their works and present the best picture they have  ever printed.

Ms. Honey (the host), Mr. Hoffmann (on the screen too), Mr. Avila and Mr. Miranda
(Right to Left)

I admired the picture taken by Mr. Hoffmann most. It was a picture of the statue, Christ the King from Brazil, amongst the clouds. Can you imagine that? :D hehe... He said that he took the picture from a helicopter where he dangerously positioned himself along the skids of the helicopter. I took a photo of his work displayed at the exhibit as well as the works of Mr. Avila and Mr. Miranda.

Christ the King by Mr. Hoffmann. Cool, isn't it? :D

Mr. Jun Miranda's display

Mr. Jo Avila's display

Mr. Per-Andre Hoffmann's display. LOL that hand. HAHA!

Before the event ended, there was a raffle wherein 5 lucky winners will take home a Canon printer. Wow! Also, the winner for the bloggers who sent their best picture they have ever printed was announced. Unfortunately, the winner wasn't there so they just decided to contact her.

Picking the winners for the raffle

After the raffle, all the people scrammed! HAHA! After the event, a band played. I stayed behind, took a few photos and asked about some printers because my dad (me too!) is planning to buy a new printer. My dad wanted to ditch our HP printer and replace it with a Canon printer. LOL.

Printers on display

The band playing some songs. hehe...

Oh before I forgot! I took a photo of the cater from Las Paellas Cafe. LOL! :D

No more people. LOL

To my surprise, you could have your pictures printed at the printers displayed at the event for FREE! And it doesn't matter how many prints you want! I was very overwhelmed because colored prints are a little expensive. hehehe... Too bad I don't have my good pictures with me in my flash drive. :( Oh how I wished I had them that time! HAHA! Good thing there's my memory card. *wink* I tried the new Canon PIXMA MG8270 which costs Php19, 295 (approx. $447). It was very impressive. It has a 3.5-inch LCD display where the staff that helped me controlled the pictures from my memory card. Cool, eh? I got the chance to use it! HAHA! I chose the pictures that I liked and then voila! Here's the sample of the prints.

Nice quality, right? Never mind the flash. LOL
I'm so happy I've got my babies' picture printed. :) <3 Mama loves you! Mwah!

What's cool about this printer was you can also use it wirelessly. Yup! You've read it right! It has Wi-Fi technology wherein you can directly print the pictures straight from your cellphone, tablet or any computer without the cables. Cool, isn't it? Makes me want to purchase it if only I have the money. HAHAHA! :D

Before going out, each attendee were given a bag of goodies from Canon and Rudy Project. It has a coin purse attached to it. hehe... It also has a ballpen, a post-it, a Rudy Project pouch and a Rudy Project wallet (I guess). It has card slots, an opening in the middle and a zipped pouch at its back which sounds like a wallet to me. :P hehe...

Oh, I love the bag and the goodies!

When I got out, I saw a wall full of pictures. That was just the time when I realized that those were the pictures sent by the invited bloggers. LOL! I'm so slow that day. HAHAHA!

Guess where mine is! LOL

Our picture from my 1st mountain trek. Very memorable. :)
Sorry for erasing my whole name. :P hehe...

To my mistake, I sent a picture that was the best memorable picture for me, not the best picture I ever printed. I just want to bump my head with my stupidity. LOL. But I guess it was just not for me. Maybe I'll get lucky in some way or other events from Nuffnang. :D

Oh by the way! Canon PIXMA is giving away fashionable Rudy Project Sprint Sets (sports watch + arm band) worth Php4,300 starting October 15. For every purchase of a Canon PIXMA printer including 4 Canon Genuine inks or a Canon PIXMA E500. Promo ends on December 31. It's perfect for running enthusiasts. Take a look at it!

This was at the back of the brochure given.
Oh now I remember where I stuck my name tag. :P HAHAHA!

And that is the brochure. LOL

Since I was late, I read the brochure to know more about Canon PIXMA Printers aside from the information I've asked from the friendly staffs at the event. I've learned that Canon Printers also considered that their products were eco-friendly like allowing users to print a double-sided document which saves paper and is more typically specially for students, like me. *wink*  These printers also has the Quick Start feature which conserves electricity. Wow! That's thumbs up for the environment, right? GO GREEN! Yeah! Oh I'm getting so convinced to buy one! HAHAHA!

Anyhow, I would like to send my deepest gratitude to Canon for the overwhelming and wonderful event. Thanks to the friendly staffs as well. :) Thanks to Rudy Project as well! :) And of course, Thank you Nuffnang for the opportunity and invite. It surely is an exclusive feeling! Thank you so much!!! And more power to Canon, Rudy Project and Nuffnang!!

- A pretty long story for a late comer, eh? LOL! :P
- I think my camera is shouting for her retirement already. hahaha...  

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  1. Rovie says:

    you are one lucky fellow! it is very obvious that you had so much fun... I wish bloggers here in Davao can also attend that kind of event...

  2. reese says:

    dami mong na-attend na Nuffnang events ah...pasama naman minsan hahaha

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