Thursday, October 6, 2011

Goodbye Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs, the mastermind behind the fabulous products of Apple died yesterday at the age of 56. According to the news, he died due to pancreatic cancer which he had since 2004. Despite his sickness, he still managed to create a lot of innovative products. Pretty impressive, right? And what a creative and brilliant mind he has! 

It is really a lost for the world who weeps his death. I really admire him for his intelligence that's why I also felt sad when I heard the bad news. I've read a post from my friend in Facebook and in fairness, it has a good point. :)

And I quote:
3 Apples changed the world-
1st seduced Eve,
2nd fell on Newton,
3rd was offered to the World, half bitten by a
brilliant man!!

'Heroes live forever, but legends never die',

You'll Always be the "APPLE" of our eyes!

RIP Steve Jobs!

Pretty good, isn't it? I just hope that Apple will maintain it's good quality and create more innovative inventions to share to the world now with Steve Jobs gone.

Thank you Steve Jobs for your incredible inventions and contributions to the world. The world salutes you and will never forget that a Steve Jobs existed and changed the world. May you rest in peace.

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