Monday, October 24, 2011

My New Page Rank and Streaming Site

Oh yeah! After just almost 3 weeks, my new blog, Pinay Mahadera, was already ranked by Google. It is now PR0! While this blog, Nash Goes Chenelyn, maintains it PR1. *whew!* I'm so proud that 2 of my blogs were ranked. Earlier, I tried to see if Pinay Mahadera has achieved any rank because the last time I checked it was already N/A which means that it has achieved a rank but will not be published yet until the next Google page rank updates- according to Deej. hehehe... I've been a bit busy with some school stuff and my new online streaming site that's why I forgot to post at Pinay Mahadera. Luckily, it didn't affect it. LOL. :P

Oh by the way! My new online streaming site is now up and ready! I call it Cherry Cane TV. It is a free online streaming site wherein you can watch movies and TV series whether animated or not. I supervise it and it plays all day long. I just turn it off for a few hours, usually around 4am-10am or whenever I wake up (LOL!), to give my computer some rest. :P HAHAHA! I did a test stream of Mr. Bean The Animated Series and it received a warm reception from viewers. I achieved an average of 30-50 viewers on my first night already. They liked it! LOL! :D I'm just so proud right now. hahaha... I'll be streaming random movies in a few days, I guess, because I can't take my Mr. Bean out yet. Maybe it's because of the comments that people don't want my channel out. LOL. :P I'm not compensated to do this. I just wanted to share some entertainment to other people. :) 

For my readers out there specially the Mommy bloggers, I hope you visit and tune in to my online streaming site so your kids could enjoy some Mr. Bean episodes that I'm currently broadcasting, or some good old movies for the those who wants to watch movies online at the comfort of their homes. :D hehe... *wink*

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  1. Rovie says:

    congrats nash! way to go!

  2. reese says:

    wow...congrats nash!
    mabisita nga uli

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