Saturday, October 1, 2011

Top Commenters for September

Whew! Another month has gone past. Oh, how time flies.Here is another set of my Top 10 Commenters for the month of September. This month's top commenter is no other than Reese of My Random Thoughts who also topped last month. hehe... Thank you guys for your comments and visits. I highly appreciate it and please don't keep 'em comin'. hehe... *wink*

Top Commenters

reese  (14)
w0rkingAth0me  (5)
teecup  (4)
Super Deej  (3)
Rovie  (3)
ronadelle  (3)
Lianne  (2)
Ayielle  (2)
Stacy  (1)
EINz  (1)

*P.S. (For the top commenters) 
This time I put the links of your blog on your name. But since some of you have multiple blogs, I placed the links that I usually visit and I'm familiar with. :P hehe...

4 Responses so far.

  1. WOOHOO! Malapit nako mag number 1! :D

  2. reese says:

    2 straight months...sana ngayon ulit october...hahaha!
    thanks also for the visits and comments on my blog

  3. teecup says:

    Thanks for the mention, Nash... and congrats to Reese, the most active commenter of all. Yehey! :)

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