Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Adgitize... To Close?

I received an email notification earlier from Ken Brown that Adgitize will be gone by January 31, 2012. The costs for maintaining their business is hard to sustain due to falling numbers of advertisers. This is such a sad and bad news, not just for me, but for all Adgitizers

After receiving the email. I hurriedly went to their website to see what was going on. I know it's not a prank specially that Mr. Ken is very reliable and honest, and also because of those traits that I got shock upon reading just the first sentence of the email. And so it was true. Most of the posts there were about its shut down. Really sad......... 

Adgitize has been the best advertising site for me because it really increases traffic for advertisers, specially from what I've experienced. I suddenly remembered my first payment from being a publisher and advertiser in Adgitize. LOL. It was overwhelming because it was the first time I received a payment from blogging and working online. *Reminiscing* HAHA! Mr. Ken said that they will be issuing refunds for advertisers and will be paying out the earnings of publishers. This news is starting to make me worry on where I could find an advertising site as reliable and low cost as Adgitize. *Hmmm...*

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