Thursday, December 29, 2011

Class Party

We know it's a bit late for a Christmas party, but today was the only day we could all get together before the New Year and our final defense comes. The party was for the graduating and non-graduating 3rd year students, since we all were close to each other, and our 3rd year adviser. We only have 3 years for a degree since we are a trimester school.

Though we celebrated it late during the day, it was fun. Our adviser had their meeting that's why we can't start. Oh by the way, he cooked for us as well. hehe... We prayed and had a few games before we ate. Then, proceeded with our mini exchange gifts since only a few of us brought gifts. I feel lucky for the gift that I got. It was a drinking bottle. I was very happy because I really plan on buying one of those but I can't find something that fits my taste, which is simply attractive with at least the right amount of water volume. It was blue green in color with quotes all over it. It was cute. LOOK! :D hihi... 

A little after we've opened our gifts, one of our friends (a girl as well) gave the girls in our group (our group of friends hehe) an Angry Birds mug each which was shown in the picture. :D hehe... Our party was not very long but we enjoyed every second of it. Hope we could have parties like this again even after graduation. :)

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  1. reese says:

    oh, i like the mug!
    parang di kita na-greet ng merry christmas hahaha...
    belated merry christmas and advance happy new year nash!

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