Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Missed Call

A friend of mine played a joke on me. He purposely made missed calls on my phone teasing me to answer it before the call goes out. Well, this was kinda annoying for me knowing that he'll boast if I don't catch just one of his calls. In return, I want to answer a call because I don't want him to win over me. (harhar!)

After one missed call, I made sure to wait and be ready to press the answer key as fast as I could. As I wait, a couple of minutes passed...and passed...and passed...yet my phone still didn't rang! What the! So then I was like, "Okay fine. Never mind him.", thinking that it's just a waste of time because he's just teasing me. To top it off, we were like that for almost 3 hours! Imagine how long I furiously and eagerly waited to answer JUST one call from him!

Half an hour passed and there are no signs of him anymore. (Whew!) Maybe he got tired of making those missed calls or he thought he won against me. It doesn't matter though. I can do the same to him as well. ( harhar! >:] *evil laugh*) Who knows? Maybe he's sleeping by this time, knowing that it's already 1:22am in the morning. :) *time from my computer*

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  1. Whoa you have issues, :D joke, haha, keep up the blogging, add more widgets/html to spice up your blog, but not too much that it'll affect your page loading, :)

    I'll advertise your blog onto mine when I see your blog's ready for exposure :) and oh yeah if you have your badge na :) (taglish?)

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