Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Eco Bag Day

Today is Wednesday. The management of SM malls announced(*can't remember when it was announced) that they will be implementing an Eco Bag Day every Wednesday.  In accordance to this project, buyers should provide themselves with their own eco bag, commonly green in color and made up of cotton(the bag promodiser told us it's made up of cotton), for their purchased goods specially groceries in the supermarket. There are also colorful eco bags designed for shopping. :) Well that's why now, a lot of people don't like buying groceries every Wednesday. HAHA!

The Eco Bag Day Project of SM targets to lessen the use of plastic bags that are not environment-friendly. Studies say that it will take hundreds of years to dissolve plastic. So why not start preventing or even just lessen its use today, right? :) Another point is that these eco bags are reusable so it won't pile up at home after each use.

So now with my Eco Bag Day experience... XD

My mom and grandmother went to UST for a check up early in the morning. I told her that I'll text her whenever I decided to go home for lunch.

At noon, I was on my way home. I texted my mom if she and my grandmother were already at home. She replied that they're still at the hospital so I went there to meet them. We finished the mass at the chapel then went to SM San Lazaro for lunch. After having lunch, we've decided to buy groceries. On our way to the supermarket, we remembered that it's Wednesday, an Eco Bag Day! We got there but we thought of retreating because we don't have our eco bag. We didn't have it with us that time! (Oh darn!) Just then, we saw some baggers at the cashier using plastic bags! OMG! Was it a strict implementation or not? Whatever the reason, we're just glad that we wouldn't be bothered or be prohibited from the supermarket. :)

Furthermore, I am not against this project. As a matter of fact, I love the idea! I would really love using our bag but we just didn't plan on buying anything rather than eating lunch.. :p

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