Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Banking Service with a Smile

Early this day, after my class, I went to the bank, BPI in España, to deposit some of my savings from my daily allowance. 

As usual, the security guard kindly asked me to open my bag for inspection before going in. Of course I'm clean so he let me in. HAHA! I deposit my savings there more often because it is near my school. They have this new electronic depositing system that started a few months ago which I don't see in other BPI branches because I also deposit in some branches. (Can't help but compare them, huh? :P hehe...) I didn't bother asking them anymore though and I'm not sure what or if other branches implements this system.

The system is so cool and easy. They have this touch screen monitor with an easy navigation interface. You will be asked things like your account number, kind of account (e.g. current, savings, dollar), amount to be deposited, etc. Just like what you see in a deposit slip. After inputting the information, a number slip will be printed and you'll just wait for your turn. Quiet convenient, huh? 

Since it was early noon, my number was up already because only 1 customer is being served. 

Now here's my favorite part...

As I was approaching the cashier, the teller already has a smile on her face with a mild toned voice. She asked me the account name then I gave her the money I would like to deposit. In seconds, my receipt was printed then I'm done! Whew! That was so fast! Oh! And after that, I asked her about the EPS(Express Payment System). She told me that I can use my card to pay for my purchased goods without even withdrawing money from the ATM. She told me that I just have to ask the cashier for EPS and tell if it's a current or savings account then I will be given the number pad to enter my pin. So easy! I thanked her and bid goodbye.

Their hospitality keeps me coming back to that branch. Based from my experience, other banks or branches of BPI are not like this. But I'm not telling all. They are my first choice when it comes to customer service. All their cashier clerks are so approachable and kind. I can tell because I experienced being served by all of them in different situations. :)

This is not a paid advertisement. I just want to share the quality service that this branch gives their customers. :)

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  1. I also had an account in BPI in our place before and the staff was friendly .. But still i have to close my account because its too far from our place.

  2. Oh.. the good thing about this branch is it's near my school so i have no worries :) hehe..

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