Friday, November 19, 2010

In My Opinion: 'Pilipinas Kay Ganda' Slogan

*This blog is strictly my opinion. This is only my point of view among news and issues.*

I was watching the news last night. They had an interview with former Tourism Secretary Richard Gordon. He said that the slogan "WOW Philippines" already marked and gave success to our tourism. I also learned that "WOW" means "Wealth of Wonders", which he also stated in his interview. I was like "WOW!"! 

I didn't know that the former slogan is that good. And look at the tagline, "more than the usual". I don't know about others but to tell the truth, I was really impressed. 

*This next part is based on the news I've heard this morning.*

I really don't want to tackle the issue about the new Philippines slogan, "Pilipinas Kay Ganda", but when I heard Tourism Secretary Alberto Lim in the news this morning, I can't help but react.

This morning, I was listening to the news on the radio. Mike Enriquez interviewed Secretary Lim about it. He played an interview by Ivan Mayrina who ambush interviewed some tourist on their insight about the new slogan. The foreigners said that they don't understand it and don't know what it means. Ivan had to translate it before they could understand what it is. After that, Mike asked for the secretary's reaction about it and what is his response about the issues being thrown at him.

We know that the claimed issue was about the close similarity of the Poland Tourism Slogan and our new slogan, replacing "WOW Philippines".

The secretary claimed that there was no infringement done even if the font used was almost the same. He also stressed that the logo features some of the Philippines' treasures like the tarsier and coconut trees.

In my opinion:

The slogan should not be replaced.First of all, it is internationally understandable with the use of the English language. Second, it has a meaningful and brief definition of how beautiful our country is. Third, I still think there's malice in the new slogan. 

I'm sorry but I'm just not convinced that it is all original. The former slogan is just fine. They also have good promotion strategies and improved most of our tourist attractions.

How about you? Any reaction about this issue?

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  1. I hate the new slogan and branding for our country. It sounded more like a new noontime show than an actual slogan. Everyone behind that slogan .is just too plain egotistical or naive to actually admit that it's a mistake to use Tagalog. Sheesh. Misplaced nationalism.

  2. True! And look at the lower right side of it.. the pronunciation and description! ugh.. so dull!

  3. They should have just used WOW Philippines again... The ad agency who did the logo kept defending the logo concept but its not just the logo, ITS EVERYTHING! I may sound cruel but "Nasan ba kasi mga utak nung gumawa nito?"

  4. You're right! After learning the meaning of WOW Philippines and its tagline, it made me appreciate it more. It sounds catchy too! It's short, simple but catchy! Effortless!

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