Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Last Day of November

It's November 30 and I'm kinda sad. November is actually my favorite month because I celebrate my birthday this month every year. 

But I'm also excited knowing that December is coming. It's almost Christmas and I still haven't bought gifts yet. HAHA! At my age, I already have 3 grandchilds, 2 boys and a girl. It's hard for me to decide on what gifts to buy because they're still babies at least less than 3 years old. :D hehe... 

At this time, I feel kinda rush because I usually buy stuff for Christmas on October or November to avoid too many people at the malls. By this time I guess a lot of people are already buying gifts and prices are higher than before. HAHA! I have to budget my money and list suitable gifts for my grandchilds and friends. Oh my! Just thinking about it crams me. >_< huhu... 

Good thing our midterm exams are finished. Though I still have a lot of school work piled up, I think I can adjust my time to allocate it for budgeting money and deciding on  what gifts to give. :)

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