Sunday, November 28, 2010

MJ'S (Mind Jog Sundays): *Filipino Entry* Kanino mo iaabot?

This is my meme entry for Cedrick's MJ'S of One-Stop-Blog. This is actually a joke and does not need any answer but it'll make you wonder and laugh at the same time. :) I'm sorry for those who don't understand Filipino because it sounds/works better in Filipino. :D hehe... Hope you enjoy this.

Pag inutusan ka ng nanay mo:
"anak, paki abot nga ung gamot sa cabinet.."
Kanino mo iaabot? sa nanay mo o sa cabinet?
Explain. :D hehe... 
When a friend texted this to me, I also wondered whom to give it to. It got me a little confused. :D haha... But given that this are the exact words used, I think it will be understood well if the words are specific on whom to give the medicine, right? :D

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