Wednesday, November 10, 2010

PayBox Debit Card Design Contest

I have previously posted a blog about PayBox. Now here's an update. PayBox is holding a design contest for their debit card which they will be issuing to their users as soon as they "Open the Box".

Not interesting enough? Well here's the catch.

  • $1,000 cash prize for the top voted design
  • $100 just for voting, chances of wining increases each time you vote
Easy, right? You can either submit a design and win, or just vote and win.

But the contest is exclusive for Early Birds members only or those who are registered before they are open in the market. You have to sign up first before you can join. Click on the ad below to join.


Here are the perks of joining PayBox.
  • Instant $25 balance for free
  • $20 a day added to your account
  • $10 referral bonus per person
Was that good or what?! :D Join now!

For more details about the contest please click here.

4 Responses so far.

  1. your really addicted to paybox heheh ..anyway, hope this site will give us good things!

  2. Sorry, but I still smell this very fishy.

  3. @ Mona - Their bribes are blinding me. @_@ HAHAHA!

  4. @ avatarlady - Yah I sometimes feel that but since it's free I just carry on. :D hehehe...

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