Thursday, November 11, 2010

Prank Jokes that are not good

I hate getting prank jokes specially if I'm not close to the person who made it or if it  causes me trouble.

This evening before our class ended, I was involved in a prank... 

Our professor left us earlier before our dismissal yet he left us with something to do. He just asked us to leave the room by the time our class ends. After a few minutes, some of our classmates from other subjects came in the room. They just noisily roam around, insulting and teasing each other while I was quietly finishing my job. We are all working on our activity which is to be passed. (I forgot when it is to be passed. But maybe next week.) I still don't have Adobe Flash in my computer back home that's why I don't have a choice but do it at school. They are all SO NOISY! The noise is really disturbing but I just ignore them because I want to finish my work. 

It was almost  time for our dismissal so my classmates are preparing to go home while I am doing my final touches in my work. I was about to finish when SOMEONE TURNED OFF THE LIGHTS AND THE CIRCUIT BREAKER THAT IS CONNECTED TO THE COMPUTERS!!! Tsk Tsk Tsk! I haven't saved my work yet! The computers have deep freeze that's why it will not be recovered! WHAT THE! This is really really disappointing! I got very angry. They turned the lights up instantly because I shouted, "Hey! What was that for?!". I shouted again at them that I didn't like what they did and if they were to play around, they should do it amongst themselves and not involve others who have nothing to do with them. I got out of the room with my friend who waited for me and a frown on my face not looking at them.

I was really angry and hurt because my effort was wasted. I asked my friend to go to the mall with me before we go home. She cheered me up and I temporarily forgot about it. I just don't know how I will face them tomorrow but for sure I will not be as nice as before because nobody apologized to me or admitted who did that. I easily forgive people as long as they apologize, I forgot or let it pass but this time, who knows what.

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  1. oh! i feel for you. I guess your friends are not as matured as you are. Just tell them how you feel and then simply shrug it off. Next time don't forget to save your work from time to time. Smile :)

  2. Thanks for cheering me up. I let loose this morning yet still sad because my whole work was gone. I was about to save it when it turned off. :( Oh well... I guess I'll just have to start all over again and do it better. :)

  3. @ Ced - The aquarium flash motion and shaping tweens.

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