Friday, November 12, 2010

What a Stressful Week!

I'm not in the right mood to write something as good as my previous works today. I just wanna shout what's been bugging me this past few days.

My week started bad. I'm always stressed due to lack of sleep and tired from school. I'm also unlucky at times. I told my mom about this. She prohibited me from saying that I'm unlucky or I have bad luck. She said that bad luck comes to those who believe it is happening to him/her yet it goes away with a positive vibe. I was enlightened with her words. I kept her advice in my mind which also made me feel better. Now, I am just trying to stay calm, resting and enjoying the weekends. Oh! And also preparing for a small celebration of my birthday this Sunday, November 14, the same day as Manny's fight. :) Wishing for his victory and the honor he will bring our country. :) GO MANNY GO!!!

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  1. ei nash so it's your birthday on Sunday ... Happy happy birthday wish all the best and good health. Be optimistic at all times ok, sometimes i was guilty of this i feel that i was also unlucky but its really wrong to think this way so we should be optimistic at all times =)

    Anyway, go manny go fight fight fight!

  2. I am an optimistic person maybe I just feel disturbed this week. hehe..

    Thanks for the greeting, Mona! Kyla and I have only a few days in between. :D hehe... Greeted her in your chatbox already yet Happy Birthday again to her. :)

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