Saturday, December 4, 2010

2-in-1 post

I want to blog so many things but don't know which one and that's why I've thought of this 2-in-1 post, meaning 2 topics in 1 post. It is my way to blog any topic, either 2 or more, I like in just 1 post. :)

Org Fest - Day 2

Yesterday was the last day for our Org Festival. I was supposed to be joining the debate but I came late. But hey! I came late because I didn't know about the re-scheduled time that's why I didn't make it. I just watched the debate between my (supposed to be) team then watched the film showing in one room.

I still don't feel well that's why I'm a little dizzy and weak yesterday but I keep others from noticing it by keeping a live disposition. :D hehehe... I just don't like people to worry about me in such a happy event. :D hehe... 

I didn't enjoy yesterday that much that's why I don't have pictures to upload along with this post. If not only for the free dirty ice cream booth then I wouldn't appreciate the event yesterday that much. hehe... 

Yet I'm happy for the winners specially that a friend and fellow blogger is one of them, Deej of Llama's Journal and DeejSpeaks. He and his team won the debate. It is also his birthday today! Yey! What a nice birthday gift, huh? :) 

Happy Birthday Deej!!!

Akihiro Sato, The 1st Celebrity Soul Survivor

Akihiro Sato has always been my bet since  the beginning of Survivor Philippines Celebrity Edition not just because he's my crush (HAHA!) but I also believe that he is nice. As the game goes on, I liked the way he played because of his fairness and honesty. And now that he won, I am very happy about it.

Yesterday was the last episode of Survivor Philippines Celebrity Edition which was live after 24 Oras. There were only 4 castaways left so the Jury will have to vote one who they will eliminate in the final four to join them as a member of the Jury. The final four were Ervic Vijandre, Solenn Heussaff, Aubrey Miles and Akihiro Sato. The votes got tied between Aki and Aubrey but unfortunately Aubrey has more so she was eliminate. 

The final three was set so the Jury will be voting for The Next Soul Survivor. The moment was intense specially when the votes were all tied when the 3 castaways got all 2 votes and only 1 vote will decide who the winner will be. When the last vote was shown, it was Akihiro's name! 

Akihiro won as the 1st Ever Celebrity Soul Survivor! He won 3 million pesos that was handed to him by GMA President and CEO Atty. Felipe Gozon!

Congratulations Aki! You deserve it! Way to go!

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  1. Welcome.. I have a vid for you in V-Log. :P haha..

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