Sunday, December 5, 2010

Harry Potter 7 Movie Review

I woke up late today and started it with a movie marathon. HAHA! First was Harry Potter 7 then Inception. I haven't watched Inception yet that's why I did it just  today. hehe... And a little later after I finish this blog, we will be watching Narnia 2 so we could understand the 3rd installment of it. HAHA! Kinda late for movie updates, huh? hehe... 

I actually haven't seen any HP movie since The Prisoner of Azakaban but knowing that it is a Harry Potter movie, it kinda made me anxious and curious to watch it. Since we have a fast internet connection, we always download movies in the net. :P HAHA! 

The beginning started off with action. It impressed me specially the effects. I don't understand some of the parts because of the sequels that I haven't watched yet but anyone can really relate and complete every puzzle that the movie showcases. I like the way they connect the sequels from one another. They also did not forget even the slightest details in some of the installments.

Some of the middle parts are kinda boring for me because of so much talk. But of course there are still important scenes that tells how the story goes. What I liked most was 'The Tale of the 3 Brothers'. :)

The movie was long! Yet it will leave you hanging! Oh bugger! It was for 2 hours yet it really is annoying that the movie is still incomplete. This ending was so long that they had to split it into 2 parts. But still, I was satisfied with this installment of HP so I think I will be waiting for the last part of it. :)

I've watched a lot of new movie last week like Tangled and Skyline, so I guess I will be running a movie review marathon for this week. Hope you guys will be looking forward for it. :)

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