Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bloggers' Trip

My friends (Cedrick and Mark) and I went to a mall this afternoon to inquire about opening a bank account. We also looked for the toys that Elvie asked me to buy. Sadly, Deej wasn't able to come because he still has an afternoon class. :( 

It was very busy in the mall specially today because employees received their compensations. We looked for the bank but got busy looking for the toys first. We got amused that we almost forgot to go to the bank. HAHAHA! Oh I just miss my childhood days. The toys today are much amusing and entertaining than before. And toy makers have a lot ideas for a toy than back in my childhood. LOL! But we must resist! HAHA! When we got to our senses, we asked the Information Desk Clerk for instructions to get to the bank. After walking for hours, we got to the bank! Yey! HAHA! We asked for all of the information and asked everything we want to know then we're off.

We went back to school for Deej and because Mark has something to do back at school. Since Deej's class ends at 4pm and Mark is going home first before coming back to school, Ced and I ate lunch first. When we finished, we went back to school and waited for the both of them. 

When we are complete, we shared stories and talked a lot. HAHAHA! We didn't notice that  we've been talking long enough so when Deej said he wanted to go home, I told them that I want to grab some Chillz at Mini Stop first. My treat! :D hehe... Deej and I have the same way home. When we got it, we sat first at the store and talked again. HAHAHA! We lost track of time again that it was already dark outside. By that time, we decided to go home. We bid each other goodbye and take care. :D haha... It was fun and I also learned a lot of useful information. :) hehe... 

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  1. HAHA! That was a meaningful talk with the bloggers in school! YEAH!

  2. An overwhelming love of links :D hehe, it's very much appreciated.

    :) let's make that a routine, atleast once a month or once every 2 or 3 months, but the chillz must be paid by one of the four/three, so it'll be like rotating on who is the one to pay :D haha

  3. jijie says:

    Hi, I just follow your blog,

    please pls follow me here and here...


  4. @ Deej - Yah! I really had fun. I also learned stuff. haha..

    @ Ced - Thanks. :) Sure! It'll be fun! :D hehe..

    @ Jijie - Hey thanks! Sure I'll follow you. :)

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