Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas List - Hidden!


I told on a previous post that I will be organizing my Christmas Gift List  for my godchildren. But as Christmas gets near, I've thought of adding people in my list specially the nice ones. :) HAHA! I told the Adgitize forum that I will be posting it. BUT! Since some of them are my readers, I think I'll be hiding my list instead of posting it. :P BLEEEHH!!! HAHAHA!!! 

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  1. well goodluck to your list hehe, hope you can join me here:

    Want new LV or Gucci bags. Please visit the link.

    thanks a lot =)

  2. i think the link is not working :( hope you can visit my blog heheh ... there's a link, ty

  3. AHAHA! thought you wanted me to buy you a LV/Gucci Bag HAHAHA! my bad :P hahaha

  4. Mama Mia says:

    How organized. I don't think I ever made a list til the VERY day we went shopping. Haaaay Christmas! :-)

  5. Mel says:

    How nice that you organize your Christmas list!

  6. @ Mama Mia - hehe thanks.. This is actually my first time doing a list because I have more gifts to give this Christmas than the past years. hehe...

  7. @ Mel - Thanks. It crams me just thinking of what gifts and whomto give it to. And is very confusing that's why. hehe..

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