Friday, December 17, 2010

Buying Gifts

I just got home and was very tired. I bought gifts for the surprise I'm planning for my family. :) I also bought gifts from the shopping list that Elvie of Elvira's Roundabouts asked me. She asked if I could buy gifts for her children because she is far from the mall and since I'm living in Manila, I have a wide selection of goodies for gifts. :D We talked about the details and budget for the goods the other day so now I've bought them.

Elvie deposited the shopping money earlier this afternoon for the goods. I took pictures of the goods from her list and showed it to her. She was happy and satisfied that's why I was relieved. :) I still have one left and will be buying it tomorrow. After that I will sending it to a courier to be delivered there to be paid with the budget she gave me. :)

I'm hiding some of my plans for Christmas because some of the people in my list are reading my posts. :D HAHAHA! 

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  1. ALBERT says:

    merry chismas friend- hope ur family have a wonderful time.

    Godbless friend

    Stay safe always

  2. Elvie says:

    thank you... thank you... sooooo much... you've been very kind buying all those gifts for me despite the tight budget :p i think you can be a personal shopper, what do you think? you're very good on selecting things :) merry christmas!!

  3. @ Albert - Merry Christmas to you too! And God bless. Take care. :)

  4. @ Elvie - Welcome. Thanks for trusting me. :)

    Really? Hmm.. that's a good idea. haha.. But I guess I have to organize my schedule first and the steps on how I will accommodate those who need a personal buyer. :)

  5. Elvie says:

    if you decide to be personal shopper, i'll make testimonial immediately :)

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