Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Rush

This afternoon, my mom and I went to Tutuban to buy an exchange gift for my dad for their Christmas Party. The gifts must be at least P100 so we just decided to go there since it's just one ride and a few minutes walk away from our house. This is our first time going to Tutuban in a Christmas rush because in the past few years, we buy gifts and wrap them already as early as October or November. We shop as early as September or October to avoid the rush and price hike due to the season's demand. :D hehe...

Since it is our first time, we are not aware how busy the roads and the malls will be. When we got there, it was like "Whoa!". There are so many people in Tutuban. I actually don't believe the news that it was really that busy but now I proved it right. HAHA! But since we're already there, we roamed to look for a gift. Fortunately we found one. We found a shirt on sale for only P100! Not to mention that it is in a shop, not in the stalls or tsangge. Wow, huh? haha... Though it is not a high end shop. :P hehe... After that, we bought gift wrappers and ate fried noodles for merienda then went home because we are in a hurry so my dad can make it on time for their party at 5pm.

We got home and hurried wrapping it while my dad is takes a bath (again.. haha!) and prepare for the party.

Now it is around 10pm, he just got home. He handed me the gift he got from their exchange gift because he went straight here in the living room. I unwrapped it and hoped for a good one. :P haha... Fortunately it was good. It was a pair of white undershirt/sando. The fabric was good. :) We were satisfied because we got a good one just like what we bought. Unlike last year where we got 2 bowls! Oh man! Those bowls would've only cost P50! Unlike what we gave. Oh well, at least we followed instructions. :)

Parties are fast approaching this Christmas! Merry Christmas everyone! Enjoy! :)

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