Monday, December 13, 2010

I won!

 Yey! I won! I won 10 cents in ClixSense's Game. It's not much but I got so excited and happy because it is very hard to win it. It is a click game wherein all you have to do is click the image then a new window will open and tell you if you've won, otherwise the window will open an ad. Though it is an easy game, it is very hard to win! There is only a little chance of winning. Since I started on ClickSense, I've been hoping to win. And now that I did, I'm so happy that I blogged about it. :D hahaha!

Here are proofs:

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  1. HAHA! Congrats Nash! :D

  2. Good for you! I sure never won at it. I really quit playing because it takes too long for what you get.

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  4. I've also thought of quitting because of the very little chance of winning is so discouraging. But by the time that I was on my last game, I won. HAHA! Now I can also say it's a legit game! 'Cause I'm doubting a little. HAHA! Yet I'm hoping that others will win as well. :)

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