Thursday, December 23, 2010

Getting Ready for Christmas and My Surprise

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve but we still have some foods to buy for our Noche Buena. :( I have to wake up early tomorrow to accompany my mom. I also forgot to get my EON Card today! OH MY GOD! So much for anxiety that I forgot it! HAHAHA! I've been hanging around our house the whole day yet I forgot about it! Tsk Tsk Tsk... Really disappointing yet funny. haha...

By the way, about my surprise for my family? I only have one gift left to be wrapped then I'm ready for it. :) I'll be placing the gifts in our mini table in our living room around 4am (I think?) so when they wake up to get ready for the Christmas morning mass, they'll be able to see it. :) I'm usually the last one to wake up that's why I'm pretty sure that they'll see my surprise with me around. ;) HAHAHA! It is actually my first time doing this because I had the chance to save up money to buy gifts so I don't know what they would feel upon seeing it. Maybe I'll just joke around that Santa came by to drop their gifts. :P HAHAHA!

I also wrapped some of the gifts for my friends. Unfortunately, the wrappers ran short so I still have to buy some tomorrow. I just hope that my gifts will be ready for Christmas. Oh I'm so excited! :)

I hope they're not reading this so my plans won't be ruined. :P hahaha!

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