Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Oh my! I'm skipping my MEME again for another important occasion. :D hehe... I'm so soooo enjoying my vacation that I even forget to post for 2 days. :P hahaha! I also forgot my Adgitize routine yesterday.Oh my! Funny yet disappointing for me. Ah! Now I know what my New Year's Resolution will be. I won't forget or skip my Adgitize routine everyday! HAHAHA! But I don't think I will fulfill it much all throughout this coming year. :P HAHAHA! Yet, still hoping for the best and wish that this year will be much better than the other years though I had a good 2010. :)

Here's a little prayer for all of us: *Since you're already been reading this post, it's not bad to pray along, right? :)* 

Dear God,
You've been so generous to all of us every year. With all the mistakes and sins we did, you still remember and love us. You never leave us empty-handed. You save us after every struggle we encounter. You bless us with strength and wisdom to continue our journey everyday. We hope that you continue to shower us with your love and grace as we face tomorrow with hope. Amen.

Happy New Year Everyone! 
May this year be fruitful to all of us! :)

Please click on the image for my special surprise! 
Just click/play. You'll like it! :)
*P.S. If you see the dynamite icon, keep clicking. Better viewed with sounds.*

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  1. Happy new year .. like your prayers =)

  2. @Aldon - Happy New Year as well!

    @Mona - Happy New Year! Thanks. Glad that you liked it. :)

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