Saturday, January 1, 2011

1st Day of the Year

The first day of January welcomed us with a black out! HAHAHA! But it only lasted for less than an hour. And because of this, I overstayed in bed and return to sleep since it's already cold. :D hehe... 

Even if it's January 1st, it's still an ordinary day for us yet we went to the church this late afternoon.

Given that it's a brand new year for everyone, I still haven't changed my badge. HAHA! I still can't think of a good badge. I want it to represent me specially my blog. About my template, I still don't plan on changing it for now though it's one of the defaults because it loads my blog well and fast.

I have some ideas for my badge but I am open to other ideas so if ever YOU, my reader, have any idea, I would be grateful if you would share some. :)

2 Responses so far.

  1. naku ...hirap mag suggest kasi hndi ako marunong gumawa ng badge .. Plan ko nga rin baguhin yon sa akin . Anyway, siguro something na nagdescribe sa blog mo .. Goodluck!

  2. thanks.. un nga eh.. kaya ko naman kaso dami ko idea.. hehe..

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