Thursday, December 2, 2010

Org Fest - Day 1

Our school held a two-day organization festival event for today and tomorrow. It is their way to welcome the new organizations together with the former organizations.

I came late because I wasn't feeling good when I woke up. But still, I forced myself to go to school for the incentives of attending the event. :D hehe... 

When I arrived at school, I already saw my friends so I rest for a while with them and watched everyone roam around and enjoy the event. It was loud and fun. There was a room for dart games, disco and water transfer tattoo. The other one was a Jail booth/room. The other room shows different films. There was also one conducting a seminar tutorial.

A friend of mine was assigned on the freedom wall. I posted a sticky note with my blog site written on it for only Php2. HAHAHA! Pretty cheap for advertising, huh? HAHA! 

I entered one room to have a tattoo. It was a water transfer tattoo wherein the tattoo design on the paper will be transfered on the skin when it is tapped with water. It is also removable and skin friendly. Being my crazy self, I told the tattoo artist (artist?LOL!), who is also a friend of mine, to place my tattoo on my left cheek. HAHA! Weird,  huh? Well that's me! :D hoho! 

After my tattoo transfer, I didn't know that my professor was waiting for me outside the room. He asked me to come with him without telling me why. Just then, HE LOCKED ME UP IN THE JAIL!  OMG! HAHAHA! I didn't know that the jail guards were looking for people with shoes that have any white element on it. I don't want to get locked up! I want to enjoy more and have fun! So since the jail has a glass door, I asked my friend to bail me. HAHA! I slid Php20 below the door. But before that, I asked the jail guards to get a picture of me 'cause the jail door have funny bubble thoughts. HAHAHA! 

After that, I went to the seminar because they offer certificates. Yeah! It was an Adobe Flash Seminar Tutorial. I already know that but having the certificate is a plus, right? :D hehe... 

Oh man! I had so much to tell that I think this whole page is not enough. HAHAHA! I guess the pictures will just tell it all specially how happy we are. :) 

Here are some of our pictures specially the ones I talked about:

Getting my tattoo done :D hehe

My tattoo.. YEY!

One of the ORGs

Darts game

Tattoo booth

Deej and Me flaunting our tatoos :D HAHA!

Ced in the JAIL! :P

I'm in JAIL! :))

Help me!

Me at the seminar

So much for fun, right? :)

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  1. so much fun in your org fest, enjoy!

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