Saturday, December 25, 2010


Merry Christmas everyone! It was such a day. 

I texted and greeted my friends around 12PM instead of 12AM to make it different. :) Knowing that it's late, it's still Christmas, right? Also kinda funny 'cause it's noon, not midnight. :D HAHAHA! I customized my text greetings wherein I put the names of my recipient in the text for them to see that I made extra effort to greet them. :) I think most of them are touched that's why they replied back because I mentioned their name in the text message. :) hihihi... Also touching too that they replied with my name on it. :D hihi... 

My family and I just went to the church this morning and straight home after the mass. Before lunch, my mom and I wrapped some gifts. By that time, I've decided to give my presents to my family. They were surprised! They were happy to receive unexpected gifts from me. I totally caught their desired wish for this Christmas. It was so overwhelming to see their lightened faces when they opened my gifts. My tiresomeness from planning, saving up money, buying and wrapping their gifts while struggling through my final examinations and school work paid off. It is one of the best Christmas for me to see them appreciate my gifts because it was my first time doing this. Seeing the result of my surprise, I wonder what kind of surprise am I going to give them again next year? :)

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  1. Isn't there a "LIKE" button here? :D

    Parang yung performance lng namin yan ee, kala ko wla nang mas gaganda, ayun I stand corrected XD

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