Sunday, December 19, 2010

Package Delivered

I finally delivered the merchandises that Elvie asked me to buy. I sent her pictures of the merchandise that I bought. She was happy and excited for her package to arrive. She thanked me and told me that I can make a good personal buyer for those who are unable to go shop for their desired stuff because I have a good selection taste. :D HAHA! *Now I'm getting shy. :P HAHAHA!* *blush blush* It was very overwhelming for me because having met her only for a few days and entrust me with her money is so humbling for me. And specially, gaining that much trust made me do my work sincerely. :) Since she gave me an idea of being a personal buyer, I've thought that it would be a good opportunity for me to do some side line work. :D HAHAHA! But first! I have to focus on my studies until my final exams are over. :) Then by that time, maybe I can fix some rules and guidelines for it. :D hehehe... Hopefully she'll be receiving it tomorrow. Merry Christmas to you and your family Elvie! I hope they will like and enjoy it. :)

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  1. Elvie says:

    received the package, love them! i need to hide them till christmas comes. thanks!

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