Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Skyline Movie Review

Last week I went out to watch a movie. We were suppose to watch Saw but it is not available in the mall's cinema so we chose 'Skyline' instead.

At first I don't want to watch it because I thought it like 2012 which is about the end of the world. Well that's just my first impression. But when I saw the big movie poster at the mall. I was shocked! The poster was taller then me that's why I can see it clearly. HAHAHA! It then became clear to me that the spots in poster were PEOPLE! YES! PEOPLE! They were people in sky as if they're floating.

Here's the poster. I chose a big one so you can see it a little clear. Click it to view the larger one.

It is about aliens that came on Earth. So maybe that's why I thought it's like 2012 because it kinda resembles the concept of ending life on Earth. hehe... It is a sci-fi and suspense thriller movie. The story is just fine. Some of its scenes will make you jump from your seat. Yikes! haha... I felt a little scared because if you would imagine it happening to reality, it's like there's no escape and no way of surviving. :(

It has a very very hanging ending! We were excited and waiting on what they would do at the end but suddenly... the screen blacked out! It was finished! Oh man! For us, it was kinda close to the story of Cloverfield because of the alien invasion thing. Worth watching though. :)

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