Monday, December 6, 2010

Tangled Movie Review

I had a long weekend last week because Bonifacio Day was moved last Monday so I had the time to watch some movies. We watched 'Tangled' which my dad downloaded from the net. :) 

It was a modern day version of Rapunzel by Disney which was voiced by Mandy Moore. It was a musical animated movie.

I was kinda curious on how they will recreate or relate their own version of Rapunzel to the original story of it. The first part did its part. They gave justice to it. It was nice. Given that it is a musical, I was hoping that I will enjoy it. But to my dismay, I got bored on the middle part of it specially the singing scenes. I was actually shocked because I loved musical animated movies specially if they're from Disney. I loved their songs! But I have to admit, this one failed Disney's entertaining musical scenes. But of course I want to finish the movie so I kept myself awake. LOL. But as the story goes on, the action keeps the boredom away. And the anxiety to know the ending kept me hanging on 'til the end. Good thing the ending was good so it made me a little satisfied. And of course.......... it's a happy ending. HAHAHA!

But of course, it's a movie for kids. I think they would appreciate it more than I did. :)

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