Friday, January 14, 2011

Comedy Friday

My MEME today will be from my past experience wherein I got mad by that time but I just laugh at it now everytime I remember it. Thought it still is annoying. :P hehe... 

I was 20 and I wanted to open a new bank account. I finally saved enough money for it. I had my 1st account at 16 but was unable to sustain it. :D hehe... 

Finally the day came that I was free to go to the bank. My mom and sister came with me. We went to the bank. Then to a bank assistant to open an account. I provided two IDs, my Postal and TIN, which were required for new accounts. The assistant verified the ID. Suddenly, she asked how old I am. I said I was 20. She anxiously asked me how I got my TIN ID. So I was surprised, thinking, "WHAT THE HELL IS SHE TALKING ABOUT?!". She also asked me why the pictures are both the same! She was so ridiculous! She even asked for the manager to verify it. Knowing that the manager is coming, I calmed a little because I know she can defend my verification. Then, the manager approached us then verified the IDs. She asked how old I am. Suddenly, she asked me how I got it as well! WHAT THE *@#&?!?!?! Are they graduate literates or what?! Didn't they know that an 18 year old can already apply for a TIN? HAHAHAHAHA!

Note: At age 18, I stopped college and applied in call centers. It is better if you already have your requirements (e.g. NBI clearance, TIN, SSS number, etc) ready upon application to save time. So I applied for the following before applying.

I tried to restrain and prevent myself from getting angry. To my dismay, I retrieved my IDs and left. I promised myself not to go back to that branch. 

It was a well known bank that's why I want to open an account there. Maybe I'll still open an account there in the future BUT NEVER IN THAT BRANCH! :D

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  1. I think I heard this story before.. XD

    Nice, haha, will grab the badge, got a 1x1 badge of this? :p

  2. LOL 1x1 thingy.. yah i think i've told you that already.. :P hehe..

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