Saturday, January 15, 2011

Len Penzo dot Com Is Giving Away $100!

I saw this contest on Mona's blog while I was doing my Adgitize routine. Len Penzo dot Com is hosting a contest so easy, anyone can do it and join. :) All you have to do is subscribe, follow and like. Grand prize is $100! The contest runs from January 5 to February 4. Good luck to all contestants. :)

*Check the website for more details. 

5 Responses so far.

  1. EINz says:

    Thanks for sharing... have joined too. goodluck to us!

  2. goodluck sa atin mukhang puro international kalaban natin hehe ..

  3. anne says:

    wow 100 dollar, thats kind a big hehehe thanks for dropping by

  4. Goodluck! :P

    Yeah new look FTW!

  5. @EINz - No prob. 'Cause I noticed that some of the familiar bloggers specially those I knew or in my blog roll are not joining it so I've decided to share it. :) Good luck to us!

    @Mona - Ok lang basta counted tayo as contestants hehe.. Exciting! HAHAHA!

    @Anne - Thanks for dropping by as well. :) Hey why don't you join! :D hehe

    @Ced - Thanks! haha.. New year daw eh... :P haha konek? :)) LOL

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