Sunday, January 2, 2011

From 2010 to 2011

I forgot to post about how we welcomed the new year yesterday. HAHAHA! Well it's just a simple one actually.

We welcomed the new year upstairs. LOL! Yes! Upstairs! Why? HAHA! Around 9pm(I think), a lot of people were already lighting their fireworks specially the ones with the loud bangs! It felt like our house was about to be teared in pieces because of the intense explosions. HAHAHA! Anyways, as 12 midnight gets near, the bangs were were getting louder and more. I was really annoyed so I suggested that we all celebrate it upstairs since we have wide windows and a terrace. We only bought sparklers to brighten our new year. :D

Here are some of our pictures welcoming the year 2011:

My grandma at our window hehe... *blurry :(*

Me and my sis at our terrace *Red, huh? HAHA!*

My sis lighting one of the sparklers

After lighting all our sparklers, we just watched the aerial fireworks from our neighborhood then ate our Media Noche. Simple yet happy. :D

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  1. kami rin naka red eh ... mukhang enjoy na enjoy ang new year ah ..

  2. hehe.. pampaswerte daw eh haha! maingay pero masaya hehe..

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