Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Good News for Philippines Tourism

Despite the failure of the new Tourism Slogan released by the Department of Tourism, some of the Philippines' tourist spots were recognized by Lonely Planet and National Geographic in their websites for travelers who seek different kinds of adventure specially beaches. Philippines was included in their top destinations around the world.

Philippines bagged the Top 6 spot in Lonely Planet's Top 10 Best Value Destinations for 2011. They noted that it has the cheapest travel expense for food and leisure with with undiscovered beaches that'll surely make tourist fall in love with its beauty.

Source: Lonely Planet

National Geographic recognized Palawan as one of the 20 Best Trips of 2011. They cited the limestone cliffs, corals, wildlife and sandy beaches of Palawan.

Source: National Geographic

There is no doubt that the Philippines is such a nice tropical country. And as a Filipino, I am very proud of it specially with distinctions like this. :)

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  1. Nice, heard about this too on the news, if filipino removes their "Crab Mentality" Values and helps each other, I'm sure we can achieve far more greater heights!

    But nah, I'm asking too much.

  2. nice to hear..go go pnas :)

  3. Beng says:

    wow! that's great na narerecognized yung pinas in a positive way naman. :)

  4. @Ced - Hope so too.

    @Mona - Yeah! Good news, huh? :)

    @Beng- uu nga.. magandang umpisa toh para sa bagong taon.. :D hihi..

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