Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thriller Nights

Since my Christmas vacation started, I have been craving for some movies. :P HAHAHA! I've been wanting to watch action, horror and thriller movies whether it be fictional or not. But I like the old and not so old ones specifically the ones that I've watched. I just stayed at home the whole time so maybe it's my solution to suppress my boredom. :D hehe...

I just finished watching Constantine. And, Oh Boy! Keanu was so hot and cool in the movie! :P HAHAHA! I really admire him in that movie and its story that's why it's one of my favorite.

I've also watched movies like Doom, Clash of the Titans and Coming Soon. I can't remember some of the movies I've watched. :P HAHAHA!

Our sembreak is not over yet so I'm looking forward to watching more movies. Still thinking of what to watch though. Hmm... Wonder what I'll watch next?? :) hihi...

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